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"What Do Snow & Ice Do To My Roof?"

We know that snow can be a hinderance for many things in our lives, but do you know the full effects that snow and ice can have on your roof? While snow may be beautiful, it takes a massive toll on your home. Being that your roof is the first line of defense against precipitation, it tends to take the brunt end of hail, snow, rain and sleet. That said, let's cover some of the most common and problematic issues caused by the winter elements.

Ice Dams

This may very well be the toughest consequence to deal with this time of year. Ice dams occur when heat is expelled from the home in freezing temperatures. Some of the snow on the roof melts down while the top layer of snow stays frozen. This traps a layer of water under the snow, usually leading to water traveling down in to the home.

Water Freezing In Cracks

When ice or snow on your roof beings to melt, it can easily make its way into small cracks in your gutters and roof. The water that sits in those small cracks can easily freeze again, making those existing cracks larger, possibly allowing water to enter your home.

Be sure to keep an eye on both of these issues by regularly looking for leaks or damage on the inside of your home. Be sure to check the attic!

If you are at all concerned about the state of your roof, get it inspected by a professional. Visit our blog on getting your roof ready for winter to ensure that you are prepared for any inclement weather this season. As always, contact us for any assistance you need in the Tri-Cities area.

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