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WetSuit® System

The WetSuit® System consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions used throughout the building envelope that meet specific roofing, waterproofing, and air/vapor barrier requirements. All of our fluid-applied, seamless membranes are water-based, cold-applied, Coal-Tar Free has no VOCs, are Class A fire rated, and have self-extinguishing capabilities.

The WetSuit® system includes

  • WetSuit® 2 PARTs Instant Set liquid applied membrane

  • WetSuit® 1 PART Self-leveling liquid applied membrane

  • WetSuit® UNDERCOVER pre-strip joints, penetration, or details

  • WetSuit® TROWEL and FIBER TROWEL for Patching details

  • WetSuit® PRIME MATE Water-Based primer

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The Epitome of Innovation


This liquid applied membrane roof system is the way to go on your flat roof. Why have seams with glue or tape keeping them together, when you can have one solid membrane at a lower cost?

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