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 “After contacting and meeting with multiple companies, we selected Tri-Cities Roofing to replace our roof, soffit, and fascia boards. Michael Mumpower was professional and responsive throughout the entire process.” ~ David


About Soffit: Soffit is the siding located on the underside of a roof overhang, and is typically matched to your house siding, which is usually either vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Your roof by necessity, will often times extend over the walls of your home. This overhang can go by a few names, such as the house eaves or the rafters of your roof. The underside of this overhang, when given a finished appearance, is known as the soffit. Properly installed soffit will improve venting in your home, while keeping airflow that discourages mold and moisture buildup. At Tri-Cities Roofing in Johnson City, we have a crew of professionals on standby ready to take on your next soffit project today!


Soffits are integral to the rafters of your roof and serve several important functions ranging from aesthetics, to helping keep your utility bills in check. If you’re having new siding put on your home anyway, then you may want to consider investing in new soffit to match. The soffit is basically, any finishing material, such as wood or fiber cement, that is installed to cover the underside of your roof overhang.


So, there’s a few reasons for wanting to install soffit upon your home. The first and foremost reason is for ventilation. Your soffit covers the underside of your roof, and therefore a portion of your attic space. Heat builds up inside of attics over time, both from the sun beating down on the house, and from the energy rising within. Without creating proper ventilation or airflow, your roof can become overheated. This can lead to ice dams forming during colder weather, or even rapid deterioration of your shingles lifespan. Of course, beyond all of that, poor ventilation can send your utility bills “out the roof” (pun intended). Without proper ventilation through your soffit, humidity can build, causing problems such as mold, mildew, and wood rot as well. None of these issues are worth ignoring.


Aesthetics are secondary, but important as well. Soffits provide a great finished appearance to the exterior of your home or business, which without them, would leave you looking at bare rafters from the underside of your roof’s overhang. You can get your next soffit installation done in a wide range of colors and material styles, including smooth and wood-grain finish, when you call Tri-Cities Roofing on your next residential or commercial project.


Soffit and fascia are both integral parts of any well constructed home. These materials sit adjacent one to another, fascia being the board that runs across the outside of your roof line that your gutter hangs from. Soffit sits just below it, underneath the roof overhang itself.


About Fascia: Fascia is the attractive board that runs along side of your roof overhang that contributes to giving your roof a finished appearance. The fascia is also known as the “transition trim” between the home and the roofline. Fascia ultimately supports the shingles and helps to keep moisture out of the structure of your home.


So why would you ever need to replace your fascia? Well, that’s simple: fascia can be damaged by a number of elements, including wind, hail, rain, snow and ice. In many cases, fascia also wears out and naturally needs to be replaced over time. To improve your home, our team here at Tri-Cities Roofing will match your fascia to the rest of your home’s exterior and the soffit you currently have. We’ll custom blend the fascia to fit your home, providing you with many different colors to choose from. 


Any time you replace your roof, it’s a good idea to inspect the fascia then to determine if replacement is warranted. If so, it may be cost-effective to replace it at that point. But, how do you know when it’s time to replace your fascia? Below are listed a few points to be on the lookout for:


* Evidence of rotting wood.


* Chipped sections or chipped paint.


* Evidence of mold, algae, or fungus growth.


* Bite marks or openings from rodents.


* Sections sagging in the center.


* Cracks in the structure.


Replacement of the fascia offers clear benefits, and at Tri-Cities Roofing, we understand the importance of guarding the integrity of your home or business. Below are listed a few of those benefits:


* It will keep small animals and pests out.


* It will hide the ventilation for the attic space.


* It will protect the wood structure of the roof and home.


* The home’s exterior will have a smooth, well-maintained look.


* It will also minimize moisture exposure for the whole home.


At TCR, all of our services are customized based upon the demands of each project. Nevertheless, we start at square number one with a professional consultation and evaluation of your home’s needs. This, of course, may include a storm damage evaluation or simply an inspection of your home’s current condition.


Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with one of our professionals here at TCR, we will then come do an on-site assessment of the project to determine the best fascia material and color to match or accent your home’s existing look and feel. The fascia’s color will be custom blended to ensure you get the color you want and love.


Last question: How long does fascia and soffit last? Fascia and soffit both last for an average of 20 or more years, depending on conditions and care. Either way, regular inspection is recommended to spot problems early to extend the lifespan of your fascia and soffit. Because of the importance of these two components, it’s vital that you have an expert inspection performed, and a professional installation or repair done.


So, whether you’re in need of new soffit or fascia, or even a repair of some sort, call your Johnson City Tennessee exterior experts at Tri-Cities Roofing today. You will surely be pleased with the outcome of your next soffit or fascia project!




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