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Home Ventilation: Vol 2

Last year, we discussed the mindset that people often have in regards to getting a new roof. Because of some of those mindsets, people often think about the material they'll use for the roof, or maybe even the color, but it's very seldom that something as important as home ventilation is considered when thinking about getting their new roof.

So, regarding ventilation, there are ultimately two types of ventilation systems that will be located on your roof: Intake and Exhaust.

  • Intake is the process of bringing air into your home.

  • Exhaust is the process which lets air out of your home.

Both of these types of ventilation systems are very important to the health of your home. These two systems will work together to ensure that fresh air is circulating under your home. If there is a build up of hot air in your attic, or under your roof, it will overheat the shingles, which will lead to damage to your shingles, as well as the integrity of your home. This will be especially damaging during the winter. As the cold outside air meets the warm internal air, it can create ice dams. This is one of many reasons that home ventilation is vital.

The two most common forms of this type of ventilation is (1) ridge vent - (2) soffit vent.

  • A ridge vent will be installed on every roof that we install. This vent will allow the air from your home to expel safely and efficiently.

  • A soffit vent is your intake vent, which will let air come into your home from the underside of your eave. We recommend looking into this option with your gutter specialist, and consider getting it installed in your home.

With the Summer of 2022 still abiding in strength, we strongly recommend that you have a home ventilation expert from Tri-Cities Roofing come take a look at your ventilation system. With your home being one of your greatest investments, it's important to ensure that its ability to function is not compromised by an inadequate ventilation system. Give us a call today with any questions, or if you'd like to schedule a free estimate. Thank You!

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