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The Vitality Of A Quality Roof

Quality Roofing: Vital to your safety and vital to your pocketbook.

They say that 'what you don’t know can’t hurt you', but at Tri-Cities Roofing, we couldn’t disagree more. Understanding the importance of having a quality roof intact is crucial. The roof over your head should serve as a constant reminder of how important a quality covering over your home or business really is. At Tri-Cities Roofing, we understand the importance of having a safe and effective roof, and therefore, our hope is that we might serve our neighbors with the best exterior contracting services in our area, hands down.

Now, unless you have water making its way through any cracks in your roof, or even pieces of shingle debris falling off of your home, we have to assume that your roof is in reasonably good shape. However, ensuring that proper roof maintenance remains a priority for our customers, is something we highly recommend and intentionally endorse. Giving simple attention to the upkeep of your investment is an absolute given when you understand the importance of the roof over your head.

The truth is, by keeping your roof in top-tier condition, you’ll actually be setting yourself up to reap the full range of your roofs benefits.


#1 – Protection Against Weather

As you may know, your roof is responsible for keeping wind and rain out of your home, but what you may not know is how much your roof goes through in order to protect your family. Other than wind and rain, the natural elements of weather that are sent in the direction of your home come in a variety of ways, some of which put a lot of pressure on your structures roof. Even extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or tornados, are mitigated by the protection your roof provides.

#2 – Remaining Comfortable During Any Season

Yes, you heard correctly. A good, quality, roof installation will both serve in keeping you cool during the hot summer, as well as warm during a cold winter. Keeping the air in your home at an optimal temperature might seem like your HVAC system’s job, but your roof actually contributes a lot to this. Aside from keeping outside air from entering your home and impacting the internal temperature of your home, your roof also assists in stopping the air produced by your heater and air conditioner, from leaving your home as well. This allows the air to continue circulating while providing you with the comfort you desire. As an added bonus, your well maintained roof will assist in saving you money on utility costs at the same time!

#3 – Ventilation For Your Home

Your chimney and exhaust pipes are typical roofing features, and these components serve an important purpose. They direct the smoke, heat, and steam produced by appliances or the bathroom area, out of your home. This can help prevent overheating, mold growth, and even dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning within the home.

#4 – Keeping Pests Out Of Your Home

In order for a pest or a rodent to make a home in your attic, they have to get through your roof first. Although some animals can chew or even dig their way through your roof, regular roof maintenance helps to eliminate their progress while maintaining a protective barrier against unwanted intruders.

#5 – Good Roofing Raises Your Property Value

Lastly, a good-quality roof looks better aesthetically, and simply makes your home more appealing. This in turn, also increases the value of your home and the integrity of your investment.

Making Sure Your Roof Is Up To Par

You can get all of the above benefits and more from a quality roof, but the key element in all of this is “quality”. At Tri-Cities Roofing, as our slogan says, “Where Quality Comes First”, you’ll find that cutting corners simply isn’t in our vocabulary. If your roof is flawed, damaged, or old, it may not be able to give you the protection and security that you need, and having a professional to address those areas of compromise is vital.

Make sure your roof is made of the best materials fit for your home, while getting regular maintenance, and regular inspections as well. An investment of this magnitude should only be an investment that’s established in quality, and our team at TCR is always available to provide the services you need in order to ensure that comes to pass. Call us today to schedule your inspection appointment! We look forward to partnering with you.

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