When Buying A Home, Don't Forget To Check The Roof!

When purchasing a new home it is very important to give a thorough inspection to ensure that any imperfections or damages are accounted for in the closing agreement. Many people often spend much time looking at the interior, often neglecting the exterior components. We have created this checklist of things to consider when inspecting your prospective home and roof.

Check for Leaks!

Great places to check for leaks are in the attic, ceilings and looking for punctures on the top of your roof. Current leaks will be visible from one of the areas and will absolutely need your attention as soon as possible.

Check for moss, mold and fungus

Moss, mold and fungus on your roof can cause damage for your new home. They are also key indicators of build up due to lack of maintenance. Hop up on the roof and check for any build up that looks troublesome.

Cracked, worn, missing or broken shingles