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"Should I Replace My Roof, Or Just Repair It?"

We come across many home owners who are unsure of which route to go after roof damage. A new roof can be one of the largest financial decisions a home owner has to make, so we have decided to write this to make the decision a little easier on you.

The most affordable option at the time will obviously be a repair. Replacing a few shingles in one spot will not be too hard on your wallet in the mean time. The tricky part about this option will be if your roof is aged, a shingle patch job does not guarantee an exact match. So, while your roof may be sound in build, a discolored patch is not the best look aesthetically. If your roof is relatively new, shows no other signs of wear or deterioration, and matching shingles are available, this option may make the most sense.

The other option you might consider is a full roof replacement. If your roof is aged, and other decking or shingle damage is a possibility, you'd be saving yourself time and money from having a roofer come out there on two separate occasions. Two separate trips verses one will definitely make a difference on labor for the job. For any roof that has significant age and shows other signs of wear, it is advisable to get the whole job taken care of to save money in the long run. A full roof replacement from a qualified roofing company will also ensure that the entire deck is inspected to make sure everything is in good shape.

We thank you for visiting our page today, and we hope you have taken something away from this post. If you need any assistance with your roofing needs please reach out to us for any questions or concerns. And feel free to visit our blog home page for further answers to frequently asked questions.

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Always think of replacement only when your roof is damaged to a great extent, else do roof repair.

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