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How to Check Your Roofers Work

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

If you spend some time in the roofing industry you will see your fair share of mishaps and improper installation. It is our goal to install a sufficient amount of roofs to make a sizable dent in that problem. While we do know that that there is no way we could install every roof in our area, we hope to at least inform enough people of common mistakes and code violations to look for when having your roof replaced.

Flashings & Drip Edge

These components are a fundamental part of any successful roof replacement. You will notice metal flashings installed along chimneys, sidewalls and endwalls. Drip edge will be installed at the edge of the roof underneath the shingle. They are necessary to prevent water from damaging roof decking, fascia and soffit. Drip edge is a catalyst for proper gutter functionality. Make sure to ask your contractor about these and ensure their installation. You should notice the flashings from a distance and the drip edge should be visible from up close looking underneath the shingles at the edge of the roof.

Shingle Installation

Shingles should be installed with a minimum of 4 nails per shingle. Many manufactures require 6 nails for their warranty and if you are in a windy area 6 nails should be the minimum. Shingles should be staggered in their placement and should have slight overhang on the eave to protect underlaying materials.


A must have. Underlayment will sit between your shingle and decking, providing a layer of defense and preventing decking rot and leaks. Make sure to inquire about the underlayment that will be used on your home. While any approved underlayment will do the job, a synthetic underlayment is going to blow felt out of the water for not much more money.

Aesthetic Appeal

By this I mean to always bring up any concerns about the look of the roof. Regardless of whether or not anything that stands out to you will be a problem or is abnormal, a good contractor will have answers to all of your questions about the finished product.

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