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Purchasing a roof and not keeping up with maintenance it is very comparable to buying a car and not servicing it. You will lose YEARS of protection from your pricey expenditure. I have seen many home owners explain that they are not financially in the position to repair their roof leak. If that is the case then they most likely will not be in the position to fix the litany of other repairs that could be necessary down the road if left untreated.

Leaks are the most pertinent form of servicing that must take place. Typically leaks signify a roof that needs to be replaced, if a roof leak is incurred on an old roof, it needs to be replaced to prevent further damage. However if a leak is caused due to impact on a relatively newer roof, it needs to be patched promptly. A leak left in your roof unpatched can lead to damaged decking, drywall, insulation, and much more. Contact us at 423-268-4240, or another local roofing contractor for emergency repair services if necessary.

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